• The Napkins Were Ecru

    The Napkins Were Ecru

  • Cristina Isabel Rivera Sangama

    Cristina Isabel Rivera Sangama

  • Michael Pasco

    Michael Pasco

    Content Strategy Director at Investis Digital

  • Isis Masoud

    Isis Masoud

  • Julyssa Diaz

    Julyssa Diaz

    #ArtistAccountManager @enkoremedia, #SocialMediaMarketingManager @makemusiksthlm, #writer @yammag #Music/#SocialMediaMarketing. I love Asian music, a lot.

  • Kyle Turner

    Kyle Turner

    Snarkoleptic. Queer monster. Amateur critic. Professional snob. Writer person. I am relieved to know that I am not a golem. Words in Slate, GQ, the NYTimes, etc

  • Mel Valentin

    Mel Valentin

    Writer/editor for hire. Member: SFFCC, OFCS.

  • Jared Rosen

    Jared Rosen

    Award winning author of fiction, nonfiction, apocryphal vellum scrolls.

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